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How To Store and Care for Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry will last for an extended period of time with proper maintenance. Take extra care to keep it shiny and looking like new. Here are a few care and storage tops for mens jewelry:

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals like chlorine and bleach will damage gemstones and metals. Keep your jewelry away from skincare products like lotions, perfumes, and sunscreen. These substances cause corrosion and discoloration. It is best to remove the jewelry before using sprays or cleaning products. Before putting the jewelry back on, wait for the lotion or perfume to dry up completely.

Avoid Moisture

Non-waterproof jewelry may get damaged if exposed to water and moisture. Moisture causes the metal components to rust and weaken. Men should not wear jewelry while swimming or participating in activities involving water. During cooler months, keep men’s jewelry away from windows. Condensation around windows and other humid areas will collect water, which will damage the jewelry.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight produces ultraviolet rays that can dull the color of gemstones. During the summer or on days with extreme sunlight, men should not stay in the sun for an extended period with gemstones that fade in sunlight. Jewelry made from amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, and beryl loses color with prolonged sunlight exposure. Wear gold and silver jewelry if you will be out in the sun.

Avoid Heat

Heat can damage different types of jewelry. High temperatures alter a gemstone’s natural colors and warp metal into unwearable shapes. Keep men’s jewelry away from ovens, stoves, or fireplaces to prevent heat damage. Avoid leaving the jewelry outside or in a car on a hot summer day.

Store Jewelry in Protective Cases

Jewelry can be scratched or dented when it comes in contact with other jewelry or surfaces. Store mens jewelry in a protective box with spaces between each piece. Diamonds can damage other jewelry pieces if you store them close together. Use a jewelry box lined with felt or another soft fabric to cushion each piece.

Use Anti-tarnish Strips for Silver

If your jewelry storage room has high humidity, store silver jewelry with anti-tarnish strips. You can use the silica packets in bags to keep silver dry. The goal is to absorb moisture from the air to avoid tarnishing the silver. If the jewelry has been exposed to water, the strips dry it off without causing any damage.

Remove Jewelry During Physical Activity

Accidental impact during physical activity can damage jewelry that men wear. Gemstones can get chipped or cracked, and metal components may bend. In case of breakages, you may lose some pieces of your jewelry. Depending on your exercise, jewelry can get snagged on equipment and clothing. As you work out, sweat gets onto your jewelry and may tarnish it. Remove your jewelry during activities like weightlifting and contact sports.

Take Jewelry Off Before Bed

When you sleep with jewelry, you risk accidentally twisting or pulling it. Jewelry may cause discomfort or irritation to your skin. When you sweat at night, this creates an environment for bacteria to grow around the metal. This may trigger rashes, infection, and redness. During your sleep, resting your body weight on jewelry can also bend it. Bracelets can catch on cloth and sheet fabrics and cause discomfort when turning. The easy solution to these issues it to take it off right before you go to sleep.

Inspect Your Jewelry Regularly

Conduct regular inspections of your jewelry to identify potential issues. Check for worn-out prongs and loose stones. If an issue needs repair or adjustment, visit a professional jeweler. Keep the jewelry clean by wiping it down with a soft cloth or taking it to a licensed jeweler. Professionals have specialized machines for removing salt, dirt, and harmful particles.

Learn More About Mens Jewelry

Proper care and storage enhance the durability of jewelry for men. Follow these tips to increase the longevity of your rings, necklaces, and more. Store them away from moisture, heat, and ultraviolet rays. Consult a professional jeweler to purchase high-quality jewelry today.

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