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How Car Accident Attorneys Negotiate Settlements

An experienced lawyer can help you recover fair compensation and avoid possible financial constraints after a car accident. Attorneys specializing in car accident cases negotiate settlements by establishing liability.

A well-established liability helps the court determine the party responsible for the accident and the injuries sustained. Here are other ways a car accident attorney can negotiate your fair settlement:

Assessing Damages

A car accident lawyer assesses and calculates damages to understand the severity or extent of your losses. Damage assessment may also enable the attorney to develop an appropriate settlement goal for your claim. Common damages your lawyer can look into after a motor vehicle accident include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include income losses, medical expenses, or property damage, while non-economic damages include pain and emotional distress.

A car accident attorney may consider your recovery duration and health conditions prompted by the accident when assessing damages and calculating compensation.

Collecting Evidence

Adequate evidence enables auto accident lawyers to quickly determine the at-fault party and work with the insurer to make sure you get compensation. Your attorney can use available evidence to prove that your injuries didn’t result from preexisting conditions or medical malpractice.

Accident lawyers work with eyewitnesses, police, medical professionals, and accident reconstructionists to gather solid evidence.

Common types of proof these attorneys look for include dashcam footage, medical reports, witness statements, and police reports. Your auto accident lawyer may require photos of your injuries, accident scene, damaged vehicle, and the car’s license plate. 

Reviewing Insurance Policy

Auto accident lawyers review insurance policies to gain insights into what is included in their clients’ coverage.

The attorney will also look through your policy before filing a claim. Properly reviewing an insurance company’s policies helps a motor vehicle accident attorney avoid potential mistakes that may lower your claim value.

Some mistakes that cause insurance claim denials or cancellations include providing inaccurate information, exaggerating facts, missing deadlines, and insufficient evidence documentation.

Reasons To Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Experienced auto accident lawyers know how to counter strategies used by insurance adjusters in claim negotiations. Many adjusters provide low-ball offers to accident victims to reduce their claim value.

Other common adjuster tactics include delayed claim resolutions, downplaying your injuries, and disputing liability. Professional car accident lawyers dodge these tactics by thoroughly evaluating settlement offers and maintaining efficient communications with insurance companies.

The attorneys can also take legal action when your insurer fails to provide fair compensation. Professional auto accident attorneys enable you to navigate the complex legal process more confidently.

Tips for Choosing an Auto Accident Lawyer

Scheduling an initial consultation with your attorney allows you to evaluate their expertise and track record. The consultation also allows the lawyers to assess your claim’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prior claim assessment guides the attorney in determining your settlement value and when filing litigation. Some ways to prepare for a pre-consultation with your attorney include writing your questions and bringing in the necessary documentation.

Comparing the legal fees charged by different auto accident lawyers helps create a fitting budget for the whole process. Choose an attorney charging contingency fees, as they are flexible and don’t include upfront fees.

Request your lawyer for an upfront cost breakdown of the fee structure before they start the settlement negotiation process. This helps identify any additional charges and avoid possible disagreements during payment.

Contact an Attorney Today

An experienced car accident attorney knows how to handle an insurer during settlement negotiations. The lawyer can help evaluate your injuries or damage, calculate your compensation, and increase your chances of recovering fair settlements. Contact a professional attorney today for legal representation or free legal advice. 

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