Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
5 Benefits of Active Rehab With a Kinesiologist

Active rehabilitation refers to exercise-based therapy for various health conditions such as fractures, spine injury, and arthritis. Staying in touch with the biomechanics of your body movements can improve one’s rehabilitation journey and recovery.

A skilled kinesiologist can help you get more active and achieve set goals. Here are five benefits of active rehabilitation with a kinesiologist:

Customized Exercise Programs

Once you consult a kinesiologist, they assess your needs and the goals you aim to achieve. They can recommend and personalize exercises that suit your condition. Each exercise program is different and specific to one’s medical conditions, abilities, and needs.

Engaging in personalized exercises can improve motivation during active rehab. Knowing your set goals can help you focus and commit to your workouts. Tailored exercises help restore functionality while improving general physical fitness.

Education and Guidance

Kinesiologists educate you on the principles that guide your personalized exercises and what they seek to achieve. You understand the importance of proper exercise form, techniques, and precision to obtain optimal results.

During education sessions, you are taught the biomechanics of each movement. You’ll understand how the targeted exercises can improve your motion, eliminate pain, or enhance physical function.

An in-depth understanding of the active rehabilitation process helps individuals recognize the exercise’s impact on their well-being.

Monitored Progress

Enrolling in kinesiology exposes you to different assessment tools that specialists may use to make sure you consistently progress toward your goals.

Specialists can quantify the progress you make and address any challenges that may arise. Progress may include joint flexibility, muscle strength, or functionality at large. Regular assessments help track progress and align the rehabilitation program with your needs. 

Evidence-based assessment may also serve as benchmarks and motivations to see how far you’ve come. This can foster continuous dedication to their active rehabilitation journey.

Fastened Recovery and Reduced Chances of Re-injury

A practitioner understands how the human body’s mobility and functions. They can identify and avoid exercises that could lead to injury.

They curate programs to increase your flexibility and strengthen areas prone to injury. This way, future injury possibilities can be eliminated to make your recovery smooth and efficient.

Discharge Planning

At the end of your rehabilitation period, your specialist may guide you to set a sustainable lifestyle post-rehab. They give you ideas on integrating the skills you’ve acquired into your daily life to allow a smooth transition. This helps you to develop a long-term plan to maintain an active lifestyle for your well-being. 

What Happens During a Session

The practitioner starts by discussing your issue and then takes a history covering all your health aspects. If you are still determining the exact goals you want to achieve, you can figure them out together.

You’ll then be placed on a massage table as the specialist determines areas with imbalances in the energetic system. This is done by muscle testing and acupressure points.

The exercise therapist will design an exercise program treatment plan that addresses your needs. They may use various components when tailoring your exercises to accommodate your specific condition.

Such features include aerobic conditioning, balance training, strength and endurance, and resistive and motion exercises. These exercises can help you recover and get back to your daily activities.

Hire a Kinesiologist to Guide Your Active Rehab

A kinesiology specialist has the expertise and experience to incorporate safe and efficient ways to get you back to routine activities. These professionals can customize a fitness plan that factors in any restrictions or limitations you may have.

They give you feedback on whether you implement the correct techniques and monitor overall progress during rehab. Choose an experienced kinesiologist to experience the optimal benefits of active rehabilitation. 

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